Matching ldap usePassword

My ldap user have CREARTEXT userPassword even this userPassword was originally stored by DES encryption by some application. So, ORIGINAL password text is quite different.

Now,I can’t use the ORIGINAL password for owncloud login.
But I can use DES encrypted string as CREARTEXT ldap userPassword forowncloud login.

I’d like use ORIGINAL password text for owncloud login.
How can I make ORIGINAL password text from login screen into DES encrypted text when owncloud matches against ldap userPassword.

Does anyone have a good idea?

Why don’t you use CLEARTEXT?

CREARTEX I mean in this case is needed more detailed description .
ORIGINAL password text ‘JacicFk5’ was DES into ‘IfjFxsltK/MPE’ by app-X and RDB has been keeping ‘IfjFxsltK/MPE’ in its back ground RDB.
I 've made this RDB into ldap background and my owncloud is connecting to this ldap.
I can see ‘IfjFxsltK/MPE’ in this RDB’s tables as CREARTXT.
Now,l can login into ownclod by ‘IfjFxsltK/MPE’ .but,i can’t login by ‘JacicFk5’.I’d like to use ‘JacicFk5’ for owncloud login.