Max size problem, can't upload more than 500 MB. V: ownCloud 9.1.0

Hi guys,

I'm trying to upload some videos to the users folder but I can't. The videos are .mp4 of about 800MB.

I'm aware of the 512MB limit.

I tried the following:

Rise limit in onwcloud in admin panel from werbui and in: .user.ini, config.ini, .htaccess

Same for the website root.

But with no success, the upload hangs, both from local folder and webui, and then simply stops/disappear.

I can upload from FTP but this is not the best solution for me.

Thanks again for any help you can give me!



from your topic titel it seems you're running 9.1.0? If yes please always use the latest available version for your used major branch before reporting any issues. For 9.1.x this would be 9.1.3:

Furthermore please also always fill out the issue template shown when creating a new thread. Currently most basic infos about your environment and logfiles etc. are missing.