Media files deleted when Free Up space is used

Expected behaviour

When free space action is used, the file should clear up the local storage

Actual behaviour

When Free space action is used on Media Files(Video Files) the files are getting deleted from cloud.

Steps to reproduce

  1. download a media file to local hdd storage
  2. free up space for that media file
  3. the file is deleted from cloud storage

Server configuration

Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Web server: Apache2

Database: MySQL

PHP version: 7.2.24

ownCloud version:

Storage backend (external storage): No external storage.

Client configuration

Client version: 2.6.1

Operating system: Windows 10

OS language: English

Installation path of client: “C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud\owncloud.exe”

@mayank1470 could you provide a few lines from the debug log from the time of the incident?

Here you can find more information:

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Hi @michaelstingl,
I already tried to do that but there are various files and I am not sure which one you need access to, the best I can do is enable logging and then share the compressed file on a cloud drivespace if that works for you

@mayank1470 every line in the log starts with a timestamp. You should be able to find the lines seconds before and after the incident. It’s hard and time consuming to search through Megabytes of logfiles, and I don’t know the exact time to look for, I don’t know the exact filename and path of the affected file to look for. If you could help with getting the relevant lines from the log, then it’s much easier to get help for the issue.

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Hi @michaelstingl,
I tried to replicate the issue and could not replicate it now, As of now the client is working as expected.
Thanks for all your help

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