MediaMetadata app to extract and store meta data from media files

A GSoC student is currently working on an app which will automatically extract meta data from media files in order to be able to offer some enhanced features in media apps.

This is what we had in mind.

We'll focus on priority 1 items first and then iterate.

You can find additional information about the fields in the wiki:

We would be thankful for your input.


I didn't see ID3-tags for MP3 files, not sure if there is something similar for video files. Is this tagging the same principle so that it could be extended to such files as well?

It really depends on whether there is a standard for tagging in video files. Maybe some containers such as mkv or mp4 do support it, but I haven't looked at videos yet.

As far as I understand the proposal and the code in the repo this is mainly about extraction of meta data.
How do you plan to use the actual meta data?
Will there be some API?


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So far, we only have extraction, but the plan is to offer a way to fully manage that data.
The starting point is issue #550 in Gallery

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