Microsoft runtimes over written

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Steps to reproduce
1. Install PostgreSQL 9.5 x86 version. Make sure that everything comes up like it is supposed to.
2. Install ownCloud client 2.3.0 (This installs the x64 version of a file called MSVCR120.DLL)
3. Stop and restart the PostgreSQL service. It will not start.

Expected behaviour
PostgreSQL should start and the MSVCR120.DLL file should not be overwritten.

Actual behaviour
File MSVCR120.DLL gets overwritten.

During the installation of ownCloud, the file vcredist_x64 (version 12.0.30501) gets run.

If I re-run the vcredist_x86 file (version 12.0.21005 that comes with the installation of PostgreSQL), everything including ownCloud runs fine.

Client configuration
Client version:
Client operating system: Windows 7

This is what I do not understand and please correct me if I am wrong.
ownCloud is a 32bit application. Why is it installing a 64bit version of the vcredist file in the first place?


Please report such issues directly to the sync client developers at [1]. Such questions can't be solved nor answered by us users in here.