Migrate data from 7.0.4 to 8.2.4

I understand that in order to do the above migration (these are the versions that ship with ClearOS v6.7 anc v7.3), I need to step through each "major version" between 7.0.4 and 8.2.4. My question is, what are those versions?

Based on the change log page, is the correct major version path the following:

7.0.4 > 8.0.16 > 8.1.12 > 8.2.4?

8.0.16 is the version shown under Owncloud 8 and 8.1.12 is the version shown under Owncloud 8.1. What I don't know is whether or not these are considered the "major versions" that I need to use for my upgrade path.




a correct upgrade path would be:

7.0.4 -> latest 7.0.x -> latest 8.0.x -> latest 8.1.x -> latest 8.2.x -> latest 9.0.x -> latest 9.1.x

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Ah, I left out the 7x upgrade. So, according to the change log page, the upgrade path would be:

7.0.4 > 7.0.15 > 8.0.16 > 8.1.12 > 8.2.4


In this case this would be 8.2.10 not 8.2.4 -> https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest8.2