Migrate from Nextcloud to Owncloud

Searching the internet, I can find plenty of mentions of migrating from Owncloud to Nextcloud, but that’s not what I want to do. I want to migrate from Nextcloud to Owncloud.

Is there an easy way to do this?

OK, is there a not easy way to do this?

Not yet™.

Obviously there are some features/apps that can’t be easily migrated. What are you looking to migrate?
How big is the Nextcloud instance you are looking to migrate? How many users/files/…?
If it is just users, files and shares (and just a few other things) you can use the data exporter.

However this is still a long way from perfect. Missing documentation, bugs, missing features, unsupported nextcloud settings in ownCloud are all things you will encounter.

All I am interested is synching files and sharing files. None of the Nextcloud bells and whistles are of any interest and none have been used.
There’s only a handful of users, and a few gigabytes of data.
So can I use a data exporter to move the content to an owncloud installation on the same server, or would I need to download it to a client?

That is the perfect use case. Feedback welcome!

OK, here is my feedback: the instructions tell you how to use it. They make no mention of how to install it, which would appear to be a necessary first step.

Obviously, it’s an app. Download it and extract into your apps folder. Then enable and use the app.

How is that obvious? It is described as a “CLI tool”
To export, I need to install it on the Nextcloud installation. To install apps in Nextcloud, you choose them from a list.
I’m guessing I can use it as if was an owncloud installation. But that’s only a guess.

OK, true, you’re right. I only saw from the archive that it’s an app. But i doubt that nowadays it can be installed on Nextcloud. They have changed so many things…

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CLI = occ commands. It is an app and can still be installed, we did it just 2 weeks ago. We will try to add more docs in the next weeks/months …

I’ll wait for at least some basic instructions, thanks. I never quite understand why the documents are not written first.
If developers can’t write down what it is supposed to do and how to install it and use it, how can they possibly test that it works when used as described?

Hi, Do you have only a few users and shares? do you want to have it on the same server or migrate it to a different server? do you have CLI access (occ c) Probably I can give you some hints to migrate the stuff?

Best regards

Yes, just a few users, a few shares. Ideally on the same server, though I could migrate to a different server if necessary. Yes, I have root shell access
Any suggestions welcomed!

Could you provide the config report or at least a list of the apps that you have enabled?
Give me a few days to prepare some steps for the migration, you might lose some information.
Probably the preparation will be taken until next year because these are the Xmas days and New Year and I won’t be much time in front of the computer.

On Nextcloud, there are 38 apps enabled. Almost none that are used.

The ones that are used are files, file sharing and (maybe) photos.

All the others are just unwanted clutter, unless some of the basic functionality is provided by apps.

The only features that are wanted or used are file storage and file sharing (outwards and inwards) but being able to see pictures online is good.

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