Migrate from version 5.0.13 to version 8.1



Hi all,
I have an old owncloud server version 5.0.13 (using SQLite DB), I have installed another server with version 8.1(using MySQL DB) to replace it. It is possible to migrate the the users's data to the new server?

As a last resource, I'm thinking to manually create the users on the new server and point the Owncloud sync client to the new server and sync all the local files again, do you have any better idea?

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The official way would be an upgrade, but that means you must do a lot of upgrades to each major version in between (6,7,8.0, 8.1).

Via external storage feature, you could mount the old storage in your new owncloud, but this way you would need to re-create all users and all settings will be lost (calendar, contacts, share settings, ...).


I am in the very same boat, I have an older Owncloud server as well. I have Owncloud running in a jail in FreeNAS and the original OwnCloud version was 7.04. I have upgraded it over the years to 8.2.1, the problem I am running into now is that my version of PHP is behind and I need to upgrade that. My PHP is still 5.4.x and for OwnCLoud 8.2.x you need to be on a minimum of PHP 5.6.x. Ultimately I would like to be on PHP 7.x. The hardware is getting old and the mirrored drives have been spinning for about 4 years so it is getting time to do something. My plan is to build a new server as you are and then move from Sqlite to MySQL. I have not done this yet but I did start to do some googling over the weekend and ran across this article. I would be interested to see how your migration goes or if i get it done before you I would be more then happy to post something more in this topic


Hope this helps you....


Unfurtunately this is wrong, oC is supporting PHP 5.4.x up to 9.1.x. Only oC 9.2.x will drop support for PHP 5.4 and 5.5:


Interesting.... I guess you can't believe everything you read on the internet. Thank you for the clarification and apologize for passing incorrect informaiton


Hi @tflidd,

Thank you for the tips to upgrade. But I've some doubs:
- What do you meant about "via external storage feature"?
-I think you meant that each user for example, use the owncloud desktop version to save their files and folders to an USB, and then, once the new Owncloud server is running, each one should copy their USB files and folders back again, isnĀ“t it?

I think there is no problem in re-create all users and resete theis passwords.

I will be more than thankfully for your help.


You can ask everyone to backup their sync-folder, then setup a new server and ask them to upload their files again.

What I meant with the external storage feature, you keep your old server running, you set up the new server. Now people can either upload their files again. If they need files from the old setup (files that were not synced for example), they can add an external storage in their new session (type webdav) and enter the address of the old server.

Either way, make a complete backup before you change anything.