Migrating from default ocis storage drive to s3ng


Just wondering if there is a way to easily change the driver OCIS is using, more specifically from local (ocis) to S3 (s3ng), and migrate the data.

I was looking into moving the folders from local to a s3 bucket using Rclone, but it seems that these backend storage drivers work differently/are not compatible. Is this correct? and if so, what would be the most appropriate way to migrate from local to s3?


The OCIS docs suggest that Rclone will be used over WebDAV API to transfer the data from one instance to another one and doesn’t depend on the driver. and just switch the storage drivers Migrate Data using rclone | ownCloud
Do you want to keep the same OCIS instance and swap the backend storage drivers, right?

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I want to keep the same instance, just move everything to a s3 bucket. I saw that method through Rclone, but I’d have to do that for every user, plus it gets a bit convoluted as the current instance uses an external OpenID provider, and I would have to deploy a new container, etc. Thought there would be an easier way to accomplish this!