Migrating Owncloud 9 (Centos 7) to Owncloud 10 (Debian 10)

Hi guys! I had Owncloud 9 (based on Centos 7), but my datastore crashed. Fortunally, I’ve already copied all user’s data and dump of MariaDB 5.5. Now, I’ve installed Debian 10 and owncloud 10, uploaded dump to new server MariaDB 10. And now I have a lot of problems. Firstly, I can’t enter to control panel, web freeze, can’t enter to manage users.
Users were connected via LDAP. only 1 local user save his files and shared folders. Could someone tell me, how to correct move all data to a new server?


Which exact version of oC 9 did you have before?
Did you follow the correct upgrade path?

What exact errors are you getting? Check the logs of every component mariadb, apache2, owncloud, …

Did you keep all the paths the same? Especially if you changed the absolute path of the data folder you will have to also follow the steps of a data folder migration:


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