Migration and upgrade of ownCloud

Hi, Requesting suggestions for the scenario for migration and upgrade…

Current server specs:

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
OwnCloud: 10.0.10
DB: MariaDB: 10.0.38
PHP: 7.2.10-1

Target Server:
OS CentOS 7.9
OwnCloud: 10.9.1
DB: MySQL 8.0.28
PHP: 7.4

I am new to this OwnCloud environment. Hence seeking suggestions.

I am thinking
Import database on target Server and follow upgrade process as described.

Rsync data directory and place as per the current server
Disable apps that are not available at target system

Copy config.php
Apply permissions on files and folders w.r.t to documentation.
Execute occ upgrade command

Thank you.

Migrating to a Different Server :: ownCloud Documentation

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According to our documentation

You need to follow the following steps to migrate your ownCloud to a different server.

And then, the Manual ownCloud Upgrade

I also recommend to read the following documentation

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