Migration Nextcloud V24 to OwnCloud 10 and/or Infinite Scale?

Hey Guys,

I’m done with PHP and read some Articles a few month ago about the Rewrite in Golang. I know it is still in its early Stage.
But do you plan some kind of Migration Guide from NextCloud to OCIS or NC->OC->OCIS?
The easy Migration from oC to NC back in 2019 was the main reason why I moved to NC. One Script and a few steps Manually.

It would be Overkill and Probably not possible to have a ‘One-Click Solution’
But to move a Instance within 20-30min would be a Dream :heart_eyes:


I don’t think there are any plans for a migration. I think there are some deployments having both OC 10 and oCIS connected in parallel, but that’s likely for large installations.

For small installations, I think the easiest approach is just move the files from one place to another.
Once you have oCIS ready to be used, warn your users that the old server will be shutdown in 1 or 2 months so they can have enough time to move theirs files on their own to the new server. They can use the desktop client to sync their account locally and then upload those files to the new server.

The advantages of the approach are:

  • As admin, you start with a fresh oCIS installation, which is always good. You also don’t care about the file migration.
  • Users can migrate the files when they’re ready.
  • Users can migrate whatever they want. They might want to move a small part of the data they have
  • If something goes wrong, you still have the old server as backup.


I started to write a rudimentary guide for a simple data migration from other clouds to Infinite Scale. I choose to use the migration from Nextcloud to Infinite Scale as example, so that should give you hint.

The respective pull request can be found here: [docs-only] Migration guide from NC using rclone. by dragotin · Pull Request #3946 · owncloud/ocis · GitHub

Please feel free to use it and comment if it was useful for you. Any comment is appreciated!



This is meanwhile merged to here: Migrate Data using rclone | ownCloud

This is only a start, there are aspects still missing. Let us know what you expect, need or want.