Migration OC 10 and Shared Folders


Hi Guys

Rebuilt my server with OC 10 and all running fine except the shares are broken. Not using the web interface apart from for admin, but am the desktop clients.

What will happen if I clear the oc_share table and re-share all the necessary folders?
Will it delete all the client side files and resync them? Or can OC recognise the files that are still the same and only sync the new/changes files?

Thanks in advance.


There is a template that you should have filled in order to some basic information we need from you in order to help you. So far, we don't know what was your previous OC version, what is your current one, nor anything about your setup.

I'm sure that "update to the latest OC version" won't be of much of a help, but there isn't any other thing I can recommend with the little information you've provided. Obviously, there isn't any guarantee that the update will solve your problem.

It's expected that the clients will sync before you've shared all the files again. Clients are expected to delete those files and redownload them once they're shared again.
It might be possible if you manage to stop all the sync clients and restart them when you've finished, but as far as I know, there isn't any guarantee it will work.