Migration to

Migration to

hello everyone

I have the following problem.

After migrating to version, now I can’t manage users, see folders or buttons that do nothing.

PHP version is 7.2 (last change I made)

Owncloud is hosted on a hosting service

Operating system: Hosting (Linux)

Web server: Apache 2.4.43

Database: MySQL 5.6.47

PHP version: 7.3

ownCloud version: (see ownCloud admin page)

Updated from an older ownCloud or fresh install: Updated from an older ownCloud

Where did you install ownCloud from: 10.1

Signing status (ownCloud 9.0 and above):

Login as admin user into your ownCloud and access http://example.com/index.php/settings/integrity/failed: It is empty, it shows nothing


Content Security Policy: La configuración de la página bloqueó la carga de un recurso en inline (“script-src”). onloadwff.js:71:798525

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0 jquery-migrate.min.js:2:552

El diseño se forzó antes de que la página se cargara completamente. Si las hojas de estilo aún no están cargadas, esto puede causar un destello de contenido sin estilo. jquery.js:9000:14

Deprecation warning: tipsy is deprecated. Use tooltip instead. js.js:2311:10

ReferenceError: oc_updateState is not defined

Thanks for starting to fill out the template, unfortunately there is still some information missing.

  • From which version did you upgrade
  • Do you see any error messages in owncloud.log or apache/error.log
  • In the top you say PHP 7.2, in the bottom PHP 7.3, which is correct now?

There is a message about CSP (Content Security Policy), did you set something like this in ownCloud or your apache server configuration? Perhaps you can ask your hosting provider about this.

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Hello Thank you very much for replying.

  1. Update from version: 10.2
  2. Currently the PHP version is 7.2
  3. In owncloud I couldn’t find anything in the log. Apache log I don’t have access.
  4. CSP (Content Security Policy): What configuration should the apache server have? So I make the specific query to the hosting


i think the Apache server shouldn’t have any such configuration. From what i know ownCloud is setting it’s own CSP policy.