Migration + Upgrade to 10.x

Looking for community guidance on the following.

Goal is to both migrate and upgrade Owncloud server. Need input on the better approach based on others experience.

Essential question - is it more likely to succeed to migrate from “current server” to “target server” and then upgrade OR upgrade on “current server” and then migrate to “target server”?

Current server…
Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS
Postgresql 9.3 database

Target server…
CentOS 8.2
Owncloud 10.4.1
Postgresql 10.6 database



i think how to upgrade depends on the PHP version both systems (the new and the old one) are offering. For example ownCloud 9.1.8 could be incompatible with the newer PHP version on the target server or ownCloud 10.4.1 could be incompatible with the PHP version on the current server.

The PHP version requirements would be the first thing i would check in the ownCloud documentation. I think you also have to check if Postgresql 10.6 is also already supported by ownCloud.