Minimum ownCloud server version for Desktop client release

Hello everyone!

I cannot seem to find this information on my own, maybe I am overthinking it.
Is there a system requirements page where I can see the minimum ownCloud server version supported by the latest Desktop Client?

In production environments is not always possible to immediately update to the latest server version, but client devices that update automatically (I’m looking at you, MacOS) may go beyond the last supported client version for a current server version.

That would mean that the server has not been updated for too much time and we all agree on that.

But I cannot say confidently that yes, the latest 2.6.1 MacOS client will work with your 10.2.0 (stable) server version.

Unless 8.1+ servers will work with any 2.2.1+ clients for the foreseeable future.

Thank you!!

@MainThink Good point, the download page mentions the minimum supported desktop operating system, but doesn’t show the minimum supported ownCloud version. (

Since 2.5, ownCloud client shows a warning if connected to unsupported instances, for example ownCloud servers older than 10.0. (see

Versions older than ownCloud 10, are end of life for a long time. (

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Thank you Michael,

I was not aware of that. So basically, at least now, for 10.0+ servers and 2.5+ clients the connection is still successful and the client shows a warning. That is actually even better.

I still feel that the minimum supported owncloud server version is a very important system requirement to list, but the warning is indeed useful.