Missing DEB Files in /download/repositories/stable/Ubuntu_xx.yy/all

All /download/repositories/stable/Ubuntuxx.yy/all_ folders appear to be missing 3 out of 4 DEB files that are present for versions earlier than 10.0.3:


I believe this bricked my OwnCloud installation when I ran an upgrade since everything including Apache and PHP has been uninstalled and trying sudo apt install owncloud throws up an error

I will investigate this and get back to you

Edit: answer

" we don't ship the "owncloud" meta package and dependency packages anymore in order to prevent breaking other services on a server when upgrading owncloud. therefore only "owncloud-files" is provided which actually does the same as downloading tarball, extracting and replacing in the web server doc root"

Thanks for the reply. Just so I understand, are you saying that the other packages are not needed anymore for upgrades or fresh installations?

No, they are needed, they are just not provided anymore.

Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying. In that case, what's the process for building/obtaining the files that come in those packages?

You can install them manually.


OK. Thanks for your guidance. Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yeah, this commands are for Ubuntu 16.04 thought. I couldn't finde any for Debian specifically. I hope it works.