Missing depenency in owncloud-files-10.0.9-1.2.noarch RPM

I’m running owncloud under RHEL 7.5. RHEL in the main channel is still on php 5.4 (Don’t ask me why) but that means it is much easier for me to run ownCloud 9.1 instead of 10.0.x.

However, today, I accidentally upgraded the owncloud package using yum. There is no dependency on php in the RPM file, so it cheerfully upgraded my version 9.1 to 10.0 which then broke because I don’t have the right version of PHP installed.
Here is a plea to add a dependency check for the right version of php so the installer will break instead of owncloud.


If you don’t fill out the template, please delete it, so people don’t have to search for information there.

The best way to change something in ownCloud is to open a ticket in GitHub in the right app.

You have updated with the Web Updater, correct?

Then here is an issue you can write in.

It’s about disabling apps before upgrading, but your case is similar, as you want a check before upgrading and breaking your ownCloud.


from what i now this forums is mostly “user based” and i havn’t seen any of such feature requests posted here got picked up an implemented in ownCloud. :confused:

it seems it was not the web updater but rather the systems package manager: