Missing Navigation Main user interface v 9.1.0



HI all,

I am not sure this is the correct place to post my question.
It seems that some of our users are missing the main navigating user interface.
No home and plus button to create folders etc...
It is not the case for everybody here in the firm. I have checked and all the users do have all the rights to access and use Owncloud.
We are running on the 9.1.0 version on IEX11. Is it a bug or simply there is Something very basic I missed? :smile:

Thanks for your help





from the issue template shown when creating a new thread and which you seems have missed to fill out:

Before posting please snip make sure that you're running the latest available version for your oC release: https://owncloud.org/changelog/

Currently oC 9.1.2 is the latest available release. When using the latest available version you make sure that you're not causing work for people helping in here if the issue is already solved in a newer available version.