Missing space that makes my principal block the publishing of my website

Well, hello there

I’ve built a website for my school containing a OC-Calendar-Embed. Today I showed it to my principal who decides if the website goes online or not. And he pointed out that there’s a missing space between the name of the ownCloud-Account and “hat den Kalender [Title of calendar] mit dir geteilt”. I have tried explaining to him that I cannot do anything about that missing space as it is from ownCloud and that ownCloud is just a service we use. Unfortunately he said that we should fix it before he allows the publishing of the website.

Should I create an Issue in the repo of the calendar extension or can I just modify the language pack accordingly?

Thanks in advance!

The space is indeed missing. I’d patch it in your language file. But keep two things in mind, this patch gets lost on updates for the calendar, and you have to exclude the patched file from the integrity check.


It might be worth submitting a pulll request containing the patch if ownCloud accepts contributions.

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