Modifying owncloud


I"m a bit new to this.

I'm trying to develop an internal webportal that allows a few different users (say 30 at most) to share files among other things. Also do some project managing, milestones, etc.

1) Would it be possible to start with "ownclowd" and modify it to achieve this objective?
2) Would this be a hard task? Where could I find someone to hire to do this? I'm not an expert on these things?
3) How large files can own clowd support? Come of the files are extremely large, almost 1Tb. Does owncloud support resuming uploads and resuming downloads?

Thanks !

ownCloud can do file-sharing and you can have a look at it:

It's not clear what you exactly need for project managing. ownCloud allows you to tag files, use shared calendars, perhaps that is sufficient for a low level project managing. A fully integrated project-managing-app can be done, but all your questions really depend on what it should be able to do.

The ownCloud-client can resume up- and downloads but it keeps a local copy on the client. What it can't do are differential uploads. So if only a small fraction of you files are changing, it needs to upload the whole file.

If it's only about file syncing in a local network, git-annex or btsync are probably faster, what you are looking for is an integrated project management?

Thanks for the link.

1) The setup I'm looking for has a file server that is different from the web server that will host the web interface. Is that something that own cloud supports? The files in the file server might be stored in a hierarchy of folders that might be totally distinct from the way the user sees the files on the web client end.

2) How hard would it be to modify the core of own cloud to deal with differential uploads?

3) How hard would it be to keep the back bone of owncloud and re-design a different user interface?

4) I don't want to just do file sync. Basically, I have are many people that need to access upload/download files from a file server, comment on files, etc.. I want to make this task as easy as possible so that even a high school kid can do it. I need a web interface like drop box. But I also want all the files to reside on my own file server, not someone else computer. And I want to be able to control the GUI and add features as needed.
For example, I might want to incorporate some data visualization tools into it. Or allow to user to run some simple scripts on some data files online.

5) Would git-annex or btsync be usable in the back end with a web interface on top?

Sorry for so many questions. I'm just trying to navigate through the range of options that there are out there.

Thanks very much for your answer.

You can use the external storage feature which supports different backends:

If you want to mount external storage as the user's home, you'll need the enterprise version or move to nextcloud (a owncloud fork).

It has been discussed about for a long time. The problem was to implement a solution that also scales good on the server. References:

I think you need to give more details what you want to do and what your own knowledge is.

That should be possible with apps (see the gallery or music-app).

They are not directly supported by owncloud. You could sync a folder on your server via btsync or git-annex and then use this folder as external storage in owncloud.