Move 4TB of file

in my OC configuration I have data dir in a share NFS that can not be more extensive.

For this I create another share NFS larger, and now I need move all data dir in this share.
Can I integrate this storage in my configuration, or I have to move files to the new storage??

In the second case, can I do this using OC or I must do this using command line??


Can you mount the new storage at the same point of your file system? Then, I just would put ownCloud in maintenance mode and stop apache.

Then mount both storages and copy the files via command line, make sure that you preserve ownership and timestamps (rsync with option -Aax should work). Then switch the storages that the data-folder points to the new folder.
You could put ownCloud in singleuser mode in order to test with one user, if everything is working as planned (especially that the sync client doesn't start to resync everything).