Move files in web interface


ownCloud is great, congrats!

Please, why isn't there a move option in the web interface, so I can move files/folders without reuploading them?


Already there:

You can move files and folders by dragging and dropping them into any directory.


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Wow, great!! Thanks and sorry, had not noticed. Will check docs next time :slight_smile:

Still, perhaps a good idea, just for usability, if not too hard, maybe there could be a Move inside menu where there's rename, delete, etc.



if you have improvement suggestions / feature wishes its the best to post that at the github bugtracker [1] as feature requests are rarely picked up / commented in here.



There is an existing feature request:

Thanks you for your help.

Solution is dead link. can someone please update?
It is essentially the sentence quoted ...

Unusable. I have created a directory, it sorts at the top of my so far unsorted list of camera uploads. Then I tagged about 50 images some 1000 images down the list as the first bunch to move to a named subdirectory. So then I grab the images and when I hit the top of the screen I get a second-long animation of the list moving down. Then if I move the mouse again inside the top area of the screen, again I get the second long animation. I’m not looking forward to spending 20 minutes dragging those files to the directory at the top.
Sure. Workaround: do it commandline or first name the directory similar to the first filename.

For all the people that end up here via Google looking for a solution to a very basic problem:

Try the owncloud app as a workaround.

Moving files is possible with the android app. Just as you would expect. Don’t know about iOS. (Anybody any info on that?)

Sorry to say: Don’t get your hopes up!
This thread seems to be a dead end, as does the above github issue (which is going in circles as well).

That being said: would still choose owncloud over Drive and Dropbox any day. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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a second file-tree in the browser-app would be nice, like the file commander back in the days…
this would help to move folders wherever you want.