Move or Update - which to do first?

Hi all.

I am running version 9.1.6 of ownCloud server on a Linux Mint computer.

The data folder is getting too big for the main drive so I want to move it to a new drive. I also want to upgrade to the latest version of ownCloud.

Would it be better to move the data folder first, perform the upgrade first, or create a new installation on the new drive? Is the latter even possible or does the installation have to be on the main drive?

I welcome any thoughts and comments about what to do first and where I might find useful information on how to go about it. I am somewhat of a novice.


RottenSod (aka Phil).

You can use the files_external app, which should be enabled by default and accesible via settings -> storages, to connect and upload / download files from external storages.

The idea is to install a ssh server (I guess most of the linux distributions have already one installed by default) in your new drive and connect ownCloud to it via sftp connection. You can move data transparently from one server to another and reduce the disk usage.
This way you don't need to bother to move your installation.

There are other type of connections such as ftp, smb or even ownCloud (you can install another ownCloud in your new drive and connect the old one with the new one), but you'll need to install more things, so probably sftp is the "lightweight" option.

Thanks jvillafanez,

That gave me something to think about. Instead of moving the ownCloud data folder and all the hassle that entails, I think I will move everything else that is moveable and symbolically linkable if required, like the Documents folder. As far as ownCloud is concerned I'll just go ahead and update it.