Move the user Quota to the main page

Hi, trying to move the Quota progress bar that we see that the top of Settings (one that says You are using X GB) to the main page.

If I copy the HTML from settings/templates/panels/personal/quota.php and put it just before the

    tag in apps/files/templates/appnavigation.php it kind of work but says “You are using of ( % )”. So the value are not populated.

    We are missing the value of _['usage'], [‘total_human’], $[‘usage_relative’]

    I think in the file
    we need
    ‘OC\Settings\Panels\Personal\Quota’ => $baseDir . ‘/settings/Panels/Personal/Quota.php’,

    However, it is not loaded on the main page.

    Anyone with more knowledge can help?

    p.s. someone wanted to do the same thing in 2016, no solutions though: Get user quota information on main page | patching the code?

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