Moved data folder - File not found

Hi everyone,

I am working on a live server with a small amount of data. There are numerous users already logged in with files uploaded.

So tonight, I created a secondary drive on my Owncloud server and mounted it to /media/owncloud/data

I copied my original data folder from /home/ubuntu/owncloud to the new one. Set up permissions. Followed everything listed here to move my data folder manually:

Now that maintenance mode is off, it’s time to test - I can see all files/folders listed when I log in. The issue is I cannot view/open/download them. I receive an error:

" Not Found

Technical details"

I also see log errors now associated with the user I’m logged in and trying to fetch files. This is a reoccurring error:
“Cannot determine UUID for cn=mygroup, etc etc”

Also, Owncloud client comes up with:
“file.pdf” (Sabre\DAV\Exception\NotFound)

What have I done wrong here? This is ONLY affecting users/files already existing on Owncloud.

If I log in with a new user, I have no issues whatsoever uploading files and retrieving them.

I would assume that some of the required adjustments in the database weren’t run properly.
Check in your database that the steps after fixing hardcoded database path variables were actually done.

In general just go through this article again step for step and confirm them. Permissions / paths / …

The best way to fix your problem is to revert your changes with the backup you took before you started.
Copy your installation to a test server, confirm your process and then do the change on production.

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Thank you for the feedback, @eneubauer - Everything did seem to check out however maybe I missed something along the way.

Fortunately, the way to solve my issue was blitz the users from Owncloud and have everyone log back in. That fixed the issue for me.

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