Moving and modifying files within webui

I had an addon called Files Move which, in my opinion, adds a very necessary functionality to the application. After upgrading to 9.1 this feature is broken. There was a fix provided for the addon but due to the native addon being broken, it was removed from the repo.

With the addon no longer being developed, the functionality is gone. This feature seems so important that it should be a built in feature of the webui, is this not going to be followed up on? I understand there are workarounds, but these work arounds are not a viable solution for non-tech users who are on guest computers or work computers or friends computers etc.

Is there a way to install the add on even though it is no longer in the repo? If one were to fork the original project and fix it, is there a way to get that then back into the owncloud repo?

thanks in advance for information.

You can:

  1. Download the app at
  2. Extract the archive into your /apps/ folder and make sure the folder is called "files_mv"
  3. Apply the fix from
  4. Enable the patched app from the "Not Enabled" category

You could fork the app, apply the mentioned fix and then publish the app as a new app at More info about the app store publishing is also available at