Moving the installation path and database name


I just moved an existing OwnCloud installation from one server to another and got a weird surprise.

On the old server the installation path was /var/www/microlinux-owncloud/{html,data,apps-external}, and the database was called microlinux-owncloud.

On the new server I decided to change the installation path, so the new installation should be in /var/www/owncloud-microlinux/{html,data,apps-external}, just to conform with our new naming scheme. So I edited config/config.php accordingly, but then it got nasty. Unable to sync or upload anything, and plenty of errors in the logs.

Apparently it’s not enough to change the paths in config/config.php. I took a peek in the database, and it looks like there are some hard-coded paths there too, in oc_storages. I tried to delete this in the MySQL monitor, but they kept reappearing again.

In the end I just gave up and kept the old naming scheme and paths. But I wonder about the weird design that configures stuff in a configuration file and also at some places in the database.

Here’s my question: is there a straightforward way to change installation paths in an existing installation ? Or is this something where I have to jump through a series of burning loops in order to do it ?




it seems the ownCloud people are providing detailed migration steps in their documentation including an “Important” note box about changes to the data dir location:

and a link to the detailed documentation about this step here:


Yeah, I saw that. And I read it. And I followed the procedure. Except it doesn’t work. I removed the hardcoded paths in oc_storages, but even after that they still keep popping up again. So in the current state of things there is no way to move my installation path.

You should replace, not remove!


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