Multi-Server Installation Guide

Hi guys.

The company I am working at is looking for a Private Cloud Storage and I am recommending OwnCloud to be the solution. We have successfully installed a single server instance of OwnCloud for testing but our requirement is the multi-server solution with High Availability. We have 400-500 users and the management want to utilize our two (2) NAS both with 290TB storage capacity and to integrate owncloud to our Active Directory. We have been looking for a detailed step-by-step multi-server installation guide because the management wants us to schedule a Proof of Concept as soon as possible but we can't see a multi-server installation guide on your documentations. We are looking to purchase the Enterprise Edition if the POC is successful.

In regards to this, can you help us with the Multi-Server installation for the POC?

Please contact we will happily assist with our presales capacity.
However the documentation is trying to recommend useful hints for this setup:

We have tried contacting your sales but they took so long to respond to our queries. It has already been three (3) weeks and still no answer from them.

We are constantly following-up but I think we are being ignored.

There are hints from the link that you have sent but there is no multiple installation guide.