Multi-site cloud


Hello ownClouders,

I dont know if I tagged this question correctly so please call me out if Im wrong.

I have been dreaming of setting up an ownCloud for a few years now but never got around to it.
Its time.

I want to setup a cloud for my family. 3 kids and my parents.
I want to place a server in each house and have them synced for availability and redundancy peruses.

The idea is to have all the family photos and videos backed up in multiple locations. In addition to that, if my brother want to show my parents a video of his kids that is saved in our cloud, I don’t want them to have to download the video. It should already be on the server in their house.

Does ownCloud support this?
How would I go about setting something like this up?
Maybe someone here could point me in the right direction.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I would setup 1 server and have a backup server. 3 or 4 servers in several locations sounds like a overkill to me, just to avoid loading times.

I would setup ownCloud server at one place, have the data uploaded ( photos, videos) and then make the folders offline available. So the files stay offline at the user.

If you still want to setup 3-4 servers and have the data synched, you need federation. We have a documentation for this at


Hi @dmitry,
Thanks for the response.

Availability is the number 1 issue with private clouds these days. My family would quickly loose interest in using the system if it didn’t do things quickly. unfortunately non of us have a fast enough connection to host such a system for the entire family.

Federation doesn’t seem like the solution I’m looking for. Unless I misunderstood.
My intention is to have all the users log into their ownCloud account through a single address, lets say mycloud.example. If I use federation each household would need to log into its own server (mycloud.example/1 mycloud.example/2 etc…). I don’t want them to deal with what server they are accessing. All 4 servers should work as 1. So a user would share to a local user not a different server.

Another issue with federation for me is that the files are synced between sites only after they are shared and the share is added.