Multiple copies of files

We currently run OC 8.00 onan apache server on windows 7 prof on premise.

we have around 200 users

we use it as a client portal, so that our clients can access and see the documents we hold for them.

We access the 'DATA' folders like a normal PC folder on our network.

The clients (users) login to the cloud and access via their web browser.

We have encountered a problem where files will suddenly multiply showing multiple copies (many 100's) of the same file when viewed in the cloud, but only a single copy when view in the PC folder on our network.

How can we reset the online folder view?

This affects only a few users and sees random.

Windows support was dropped with the release of OC 8.0. Perhaps this is a side effect of the incompatibilities. On Linux you have the occ files:scan command which checks the whole file index but not sure if this was ever working on Windows. Furthermore, 8.0 is not supported any more. I wouldn't spend much time on such a platform and would rather try to migrate to a Linux OS and a more recent version of OC.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Two questions.
1. If I upgrade to the latest stable version. Will I lose my customisations, like colour, Logo's and default files created.
2. I've never used LINUS, can it be put on our network (domain) and can the folders be accessed like normal windows folders.

After the upgrade, themes are disabled by default and you have to enable them again. There are probably some modifications you have to do, especially between 8.0 and 9.1.

You can use samba shares in ownCloud directly (if you want to mount them directly as user storage, you need the enterprise version). For authentication you can also use your AD/LDAP: