Multiple Domains (URLs) for 1 Instance

I’m exploring deploying OwnCloud, and can’t tell from the admin guide/KB/forum if there’s a way to deploy 2+ URLs on 1 instance of Owncloud. I don’t want to manage supporting 2 full instances of DB/Owncloud/etc.

My requirements:

  • 2 different URLs ( and to use different URLs with SSL certs
  • each company will have their own folders (e.g. Company1 might have 10 users, and Company2 might have 5 users)
  • everything else can be shared.


Hi WoofLover,

in general ownCloud is not capable to manage multiple tenants, but depending on your requirements you can have it done:

For both companies the user directories will reside in the same data directory (one user cannot browse the others’ directories, however).

If it is critical for your business to have separate data directories (for whatever reason), you have to set up two instances.

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Also make sure that users can only share with users in their own groups in the admin sharing settings.

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