Multiple users accessing same folder

Dear all,

Is is possible to configure owncloud to get, for a dedicated group, multiple users accessing the same folder ?
For instance I’m creating a user Group1 which is the default folder storage for the Group and then I’m creating multiple users in this group (userA, userB,…) and all of them are using the Group1 folder to store their files…(ideally I can manage the type of access for each user: read/write/delete)
If I’m deleting a user, I simply remove the access to the Group1 folder but keep safe all the data of the Group.
I tried to look at this functionality in the documentation but for now I do not see any way to do it…

Thanks for your help !

If you share a file/folder with a group, every member of that group will have the same sharing permissions.
In order to be able to share with a group, you might need to enable it in the admin sharing settings.

EDIT: You could install custom groups. This would enable you to define your own groups of users that shall receive access to a share with the same permissions.

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