Multiple warnings

Hello, I have multiple problems on our owncloud. I’ll attach a screenshot for the warning messages I’m getting. Our main problem right now is that we cannot delete old files from our server because they’re “locked and can’t be deleted”. Also it says that there’s a cron job error. I found out that the first problem seems to have something to do with the Transactional file locking.

To be honest I don’t have a clue about PHP or programming in general, the furthest I have to do with code is HTML and CSS.
So if there’s maybe someone that can give me a hand and explain this as easy as possible this would be great. I have access to the FTP of the cloud but no clue what file or how to make this necessary changes.

Thanks for any help in advance, I appreciate it!

Best regards, Manuel

Hi Manuel, Welcome to the forum.

Can you still upload files?
I would fix the cron issue first, and the look what happens.

BTW, please allow me a serious word: Any server software needs some maintenance. Taking 7 months until discovering that a vital service (cron) isn’t running, well …


If I remember correctly, ownCloud has a cron job to clear old locks everyday in case there are crashes and locks can’t be clearer normally. However, if the cron job doesn’t run, none will clear old locks.

Please, prioritize fixing the problem with the cron job. It must run periodically (each 15 minutes should be fine).
Then, you can go through the rest of the messages. There are links to the documentation, so first read them.


Thanks for welcoming me, yes files still upload and sync. How would I go about fixing the cron issue best?

Yes you’re right, this should have been maintained and looked after. But regarding my original post you probably guessed it that I’m not the guy hired or trained to do stuff like this. But since no one else can or will and I have to use it I thought why not try to fix it now.

Okay well that makes sense. With my limited knowledge about cron jobs and what they do I figured if it’s not running regularly things stop working. I read a bit through the documentation but it’s quite difficult to understand what to do now. I will try my best to get around this problem.
Any tips are appreciated.