MySQL access denied

I use ownCloud for web to connect to the MySQL database and I get the following error:
An Exception occured in driver:SQLSTATE[HY000][1045] Access denied for user ‘owncloud’@‘localhost’(using password:YES)

Then I use the owncloud user to connect to the MySQL database, it work. I don’t know what happend.

This is a server issue, I moved the topic over.

There usually is a template that needs to be filled out for server issues. Please fill that out, it helps people help you.

Tell us how you’re connecting in the second case:

Are you using the command line?

Perhaps you have to enable network access to the database? This depends on the default settings of your Linux distribution.

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Can you PLEASE:

  1. Explain what you did to solve your problem.
  2. Not ask multiple unrelated questions under one topic.
  3. Move your additional question to a new topic instead.
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