Mysqld wakes up too often

Using ownCloud on a Raspberry 2 with latest DietPi.

I do sparse use, but I notice that mySqld wakes up too often, which is a nuisance, since it spins up my external HD.

How can I make it wake up only when there is a query?


How can you be sure there isn’t?

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It wakes up periodically.
Don’t have many users either.

Well, owncloud is a server software with some background jobs, and the database is one of its resources. I’d consider this as normal.
The fact that this spins up your external HDD is another story, depends on your system configuration, which we don’t know.


If you are using the sync client there should be at least two queries per minute per user. Doing a so called PROPFIND request on the users file tree.

Perhaps you could look into your mysqld caching configuration, so the results of this are cached more efficiently and mysqld doesn’t need to access the HDD in order to create the replies for these queries.

As a starting point I would recommend to run the mysqltuner script. This usually gives sensible configuration advice for the mysqld caching configuration.

EDIT: But an RPi2 might not have enough memory to actually be able to cache all the tables.

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