Mysqldump, restore oc_calendarobjects, oc_cards

Hi there!
I've got a mysql dump from a previous OC installation.
[ mysqldump -uroot -p cloud oc_calendarobjects > cloud_DB_OC_calendar_table.sql ]

Atm I am on OC 9.1.3. - whereas the backup might be ~9.1.0 / 9.1.1
What is the best way to restore my contacts and calendar objects?
Best of course, getting calendar and contacts back fro each and every user :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your reply!

If you migrate or restore, I would use the original version. Especially in the database, the structure of the db can be different and the changes weren't applied by the update procedure. If it's only the calendar-data you are interested in, you could restore the previous version and export all the calandars from the oc-webinterface.

Thanks for your reply.

I hoped there might be a way without having to setup a new OC install ...... .
Well ... looks like i'll have to setup a virtual machine for this :expressionless:

If you use a virtual machine and you upgrade your instance to the latest OC 9.1.x-version you can probably directly dump the calendar-tables in your current setup (supposing the user names are the same). I say probably because there is no official and tested procedure, so do backups before in case something goes wrong.

Yeha, might be worth trying that.
I 'll see if it works out :slight_smile: