is empty but everything works - WHY?

Hey guys,

I just have a short question which may be easy to answer but I can't see the reason. I have installed the newest oC Server version on an Ubuntu 14.04 Server by adding the package to apt-get and run

apt-get install owncloud

Everything worked perfectly fine but after installing I have the directory var/www/vhosts/ which consists only of an empty folder called cgi-bin.

The installation folder itself is located at var/www/owncloud. I can absolutely access my owncloud installation by using but I would like to now why I can access this URL even if the appropriate folder is empty and if I did anything wrong (or maybe it's normal that the owncloud folder is there)?

Best Regards
Eagles Clan

As you said, owncloud is installed in /var/www/owncloud. In you apache config, the default setup configures an alias

Alias /owncloud /var/www/owncloud

Which means, that instead of the domain's normal subfolder, /var/www/owncloud is used. The content of /var/www/vhosts/..../owncloud does not matter at all.