Nas 520 - can't watch mp4 movie


i have nas 520 and i can't watch a mp4 movie on my owncloud, because my simple video player doesn't work, i mean there is only sound, without movie (image)
I have:
Video Viewer0.1.3Internal App
Simple video player based on MediaElement.js by John Dyer.

owncloud ver 7



I don't think that you will find that much people in here with the knowledge about such an outdated version like oC 7. Personally i would try to install a recent version like 10.0.2.


tom42, thx for reply
i don't know how to install ver like 10 on nas520, generally i dont't know how to install other plugins, this isn't a computer, link to my nas520

i downloaded a few plugins, but i don;t where put them on nas520, ofcourse better is install ver 10, but i dont know how?


I downloaded owncloud ver.10 as tar file, and how to update my owncloud on the telnet?
In which directory are plugins like owncloud?
sorry guys but i searched many sites, but never heard about update owncloud
on the nas 520
currently i have owncloud ver7