Need help for Owncloud

Hello, I allow myself to publish because I can not find any solution to my problem.

I have installed Owncloud to help him from Virtualbox with the Univention-App-owncloud-virtualbox. I do not touch anything even the IP which is like 192.168.1.XX

Then I manage to connect locally to this IP address.

Now my problem is that I can’t connect anywhere other than Local. If she that one would have a solution I would gladly accept it.

thank you so much

Hi Jude,
I suppose you used the documentation: How to Install the Appliance :: ownCloud Documentation

So far you should have access to the 192.168.X.X from your appliance.

I suppose you want to make accesible from Internet. I would recommend that you look from some webpages. an example could be: Making your Computer Accessible from the Public Internet or Geek to Live: How to access a home server behind a router/firewall

I hope that helps

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Thank you, I have followed what you sent me.
But I have the impression that my problem persists, when I send the URL of an Owncloud file to a person it does not work.
For example I put for the folder “Photo” Shared by public link then I copy and send the link “” and the person does not have access to it.

  1. This is not a public link, this is the private link. Public links have an/s/ instead of the /f/
    However you probably shared with an ownCloud internal user, that’s how you can give them access, nothing wrong with that. Just making sure we’re all using the same terminology :wink:

  2. A private IP Address will never be routed through the internet. The other user has to be on your network either physically or via a VPN. Otherwise you need to give them your public IP address or set up a (dynamic) DNS and set up ownCloud to accept traffic on the other IP addresses and DNS names: Config.php Parameters :: ownCloud Documentation

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Thanks, I configured DNS and used no-ip to get a domain name or connect to it even outside.
My problem remains that when I create a public link it is “”. So its always generates with an “S” and keeps my local IP and that I created “” to connect me elsewhere than locally.
I just need to generate shares with links and I can’t do it.
Thanks for your help

Hey @Jude, (BTW, this was a great song when I was young. :wink:)

I assume, you have that local IP in your config.php, instead of the outside reachable host name.

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