Need help on networking

on making ownclould accessible outside of the network

This needs network basics from your side. Teaching those are far out of the scope of this forums, especially as you will find more then enough information about something like this on the internet. A few keywords for your research are:

Port forwarding

Pages like might also help you to gain these basics.

kljhlkhglklfgh is correct, this isn't quite the right place to ask. However we might be able to point you in the right direction if you give a little more info.

Basically you need to forward ports 80 and 443 to your server, get a domain, and then get a TLS cert for your domain (I'd recommend Let's Encrypt).

Are you asking about a home network? Then you'd have to log into your router and forward ports 80 and 443 (80 for unencrypted access, 443 for encrypted). Your router manual is the first place you should look for guidance on that. Once that's done, you should now be visible to the world.

You'll also need to get a domain pointing to your home IP. You can access your home network via IP address without a domain, but you can't get a publicly recognised TLS certificate for an IP address. Without a domain, you can still encrypt, but you'll have to use a self-signed cert, which will show people scary warnings when they connect via browser (and most mobile apps won't connect if you use a self-signed cert).

Good luck! If you have more questions, please provide a little context and a lot more info about your setup :slight_smile:

thx for the answers this is what i have and done

i have an account with DynDNS Pro and Host Services
i have a domain host name which is
i logged into my router which is a linksys router ,,went to apz and gaming
selected proved which info which is ,i put in user name ,password, and host name hit update got a succes message on status

then i went to single port forwarding on my router and put in the ip address for the readynas 192.168.x.xx
open ports 80 and 443

then i went to to see if the ports were open which they were

i can go to and see the site from my network
but not from my iphone
thats the part that confusing


If that doesn't help then you can have a look at tools like nmap or traceroute on your phone (if thats even possible) to see why your phone can't connect to your network.