Need Help Uploading Files Owncloud+Docker+Nginx-Proxy+Lets-Encrypt

Hello Everyone!

im Running Owncloud in Docker (Redis, MariaDB, Docker). The owncloud is reachable through the ip of the server 192.168.178.xx:32915.
The Owncloud Container ist attached the [jwilder/nginx-proxy] with [
jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion] in order to get a Lets Encrypt certificate and be reachable with

Issue: wenn i upload a file larger that 10 Mb while being in the IP direction, i have no problem uploading, deleting creating and so on, but when i try to upload a file larger that 10 mb while being in the i always get a error. “unknown error while uploading file”.

Does anyone have the same problem? or does anyone know how can i fix the problem?

Thanks a lot!!

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