Need help using google drive as External storage in owncloud

I recently bought a printer/scanner for the first time in 10+ years, and it had this neat feature where I can have the scanned documents sent directly to cloud storage. The problem is, its a cheap printer and the options are limited to google drive and dropbox :frowning:

So I have been reading and tryng to figure a way to have the dokuments that is sent to google drive, pop upp in my owncloud, and it seems like external storage is the way to go here.

If I understand it correctly I can mount the google folder I use for the printer scanning, and make it accessible for all the users with access to the printer.

But I cant seem to figure out how this stuff works on googles side of things. I experimented with the APIs in google drive to figure this out, but I cant seem to figure out what API to use and what needs to be done for it to be mountable in Owncloud. I have newer used google or dropbox APIs and the 100+ APIs to choose from is breaking my brain..

So if any1 with experiense here can point me in the right direction here I will be very greatefull!


the ownCloud specific documentation for external storages is available here:

which has a thoroughly described part for Google Drive (with Screenshots) for all that API stuff:

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Big thanks RealRancor! :slight_smile:

both links only end up in 404 :frowning: - substitute …/configuration_files/… with …/configuration/files/

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