Need help with external storage

I currently have owncloud setup on Freenas using ldap and it is working properly.. Now I want to add external storage" we have a vdi structure and want to link the storage location to the students vdi file. I have added the external storage app but not sure what to do from here would like it to auto pull students home folder


did you had a look at the docs?

Yes. Not sure on what to put into required fields, I have the path to home directories password and username will be according to what the sign in with

If you can upload an screenshot of the configuration (removing any confidential data) it'd be helpful. There are several connections you can use depending on what is configured in the remote server (SFTP, SMB, etc), and a couple of authentication methods you can use, depending on the storage you want to use.

I guess you've set SFTP with login credentials, then you'll need to set the host (either ip or hostname, as long as the machine can access to it) and the base absolute path where the users will be jailed (for example, "/mnt/files/forall"). The users will have access only to that folder (and subfolders) in that machine.
The trick here is to use a special variable $user which will be resolved depending in the user sessions. The absolute path you might want to configure might be "/mnt/files/$user", or maybe "/home/$user". The variable will be evaluated per user, so each user will have a different path.

Note that, in any case, all the accounts must have access to the machine with the same username + password that is being used in ownCloud, at least for this scenario. There are some alternatives if needed.

I am not sure what to put in the host share user or password fields,
is host = ip address of server? and share the folder location holding users desktops?


the situation is we have VDIs for all the students in /path/to/folder"then student ID"
all students have access to "/path/to/folder" then only access to their student id. i am trying to set the external storage which is a CIFS share to be the default storage location

The host is the ip address or the name of the machine. I'm not sure how those names are resolved, but you can check if you can connect to them with smbclient. If you're unsure, use the ip address, it should work.

The share is the name of the share in the server. You can check what is available with smbclient: smbclient -U <your-user> -L <your-host>. "Users" is a quite common share for windows. There might be more shares to access to different locations depending on your setup.

The remote subfolder will jail the view to that subfolder inside the share, as explained in my last post. You can use the "$user" variable here if needed, for example "/path/to/file/$user"

The domain is the SMB workgroup of the account that will be used to access to the SMB server. You can leave it empty if it isn't needed.

The username and password will be the account that will be used to access to the SMB server. Note that in this case, this account will be shared by all users who have access to the mount you're setting up. You can think of it as a service account.
Alternatively, you can use the "login credentials" authentication, so each user (who have access to the mount) will access to that mount with the same ownCloud credentials.