Need help with kinda old ownCloud installation

Steps to reproduce

  1. I got a rather old (2016) installation of ownCloud server 9.1.0 on Ubuntu 14.04. Downloaded it from official repository as an VHDX file, then just plugged it into my Hyper-V and after some issues with initial settings, it worked good until last time.
  2. The VHDX file has a size of ~40Gb, which I presume, host the Ubuntu OS, the ownCloud server AND THE STORAGE for user files.
  3. After time the number of users grew up, they uploaded more and more files. I got that message about “90% of storage is used”, but for some time managed to purge deleted files and delete the outdated ones.
  4. Seems yesterday we actually run out of space. And here is where the problems started.

Expected behaviour

Should log in to web-interface and connect with client application.

Actual behaviour

First I got an error message “CSRF check failed” on log in attempt. After a reboot I got HTTP 500 error. Also the client says “Internal server error”.

Server configuration

A Hyper-V installation of Ubuntu_14.04-owncloud-9.1.0-1.1-201607211103.vhdx

Are you using external storage, if yes which one: local
This is what I want to. But don’t know how.

Are you using encryption: no

Are you using an external user-backend, if yes which one: no

What I’m trying to achieve is to find a an instruction for linux-dummy on how to expand initial 40 Gb I get with the install of VHDX to 100 Gb from console.
Also I’m not sure where to check available free storage space in the admin web-interface.

P.S. Well, I managed to boot VM from gparted livecd and expanded /dev/sda1 up to 100 Gb. After that the ownCloud server is back to work.
But please someone tell me where to find storage info (how much free space left) in 9.1.0 web interface???

Hello @Seraph,

Your case is not too complicated but, you need to gather some information from the internet.

1.- to expand your HyperV Hard disk: You can find a bunch of information. Just google “expand hyper v disk space ubuntu 14”

2.- To use external Storage (in my own opinion) you have 2 flavors.

2.1- Mount your a “partition/share” directly to /var/www/owncloud. one More time, use the Oracle Google :slight_smile: “mount external hard drive linux”

hard drive - How to mount an external HDD? - Ask Ubuntu
and read this ownCloud article

2.2.- Mount external Storage: it means, that it enables you to mount external storage services and devices as secondary ownCloud storage devices. You may also allow users to mount their own external storage services.

Please, try it and let me know your results :slight_smile:

Erwin Palma

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The problem is mostly solved.
As I mentioned in P.S. I’ve managed to expand the disk to 100 Gb and the server started.

I’ve read about external storages, but seems to me it requires some extra application to be installed and irrelevant in my case.

For now I just want some tool to check if my ownCloud server can access all that new extra disk space, but could not find such in 9.1 web interface and 9.1 manual. Could you help me with that?

In that case

I recomend to update ownCloud to the version 10.6

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I would.
But it seems to me the newer versions like 10.6 require newer clients and I prefer to stick with 2.3.4 client, which supports Windows XP.
Actually we switched to ownCloud from Dropbox right after the latter quit WinXP support. We need that option.
Also the 9.1 version is free and newer ones’ manual says something about registering licenses.


i think this is a misunderstanding. All newer ownCloud versions including 10.6.0 are still free and you don’t need any license for it.