Need to update ownCloud that lives in a different directory


I currently run ownCloud 10.0.3 on a Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS VM. I am unable to update my version of ownCloud correctly because I have moved it to /var/www/owncloud200 -- originally located in "/var/www/owncloud". Note: ownCloud is running and working just fine -- I just need to update it and its apps.

When I run apt-get update, ownCloud updates are downloaded and installed to /var/www/owncloud; not /var/www/owncloud200.

How do I force the updates to occur in the owncloud200 folder? This is also affecting me update my apps from Marketplace. It says my apps are up to date after upgrading them, but they are not.

Thanks all.

I don't think that you can force the packages to install at another location. From what i now you should never ever move files installed by your package manger to another place.

That being said, then how does one actually update ownCloud when it's not stored in it's default location of /var/www/owncloud?

I think then you probably need to remove the packages and do the updates manually via the tar.bz2 archives.

Thanks for the reply, Tom.

Do you know if that specific installation process is documented anywhere?

From what i know all documentation is available at e.g. at the top of there is a search box which could help to find such documentation (if it exists).


Yes, it seems such a documentation exists here: