Need to upgrade Owncloud as Ubuntu 22.04 is not supporting PHP 7.3


I would like to request for help to upgrade our owncloud version as we moved to a new server with Ubuntu version 22.04 and it no longer support PHP 7.3. So we need to upgrade the ownCloud version. Please could we ask for support to upgrade this? We do not have an IT expert here hence reaching out for your help.

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You may want to hire one. Any support you get here is going to require that you have a skilled server administrator with access to your system.

Who moved your other workloads to the new server? Can that person help you?

How you upgrade your ownCloud will depend on how you installed it.

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Thank you for the reply. Yes we are ready to hire one. How do we hire one from here and what would be the price?

I added to my reply while you were replying to it. You may want to see if anything I added is useful.

This is a community forum where members can help each other. While some members here may offer paid consulting services, I don’t expect that it is in good form for them to post offers here.

If you are looking to move to an ownCloud Enterprise subscription, pricing and contact information can be found here.

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