Need windows client version ownCloud-

Hello everyone!
I really need the ownCloud- client to fix a user who deleted the c: \ windows \ installer folder, can’t find there | any version for windows, please help, we can’t update or remove 2.7.1 from this user because windows installer requires .msi package and we cannot use third party uninstaller due to security policies

Just install the current 2.8.2, then use uninstaller from 2.8.2 version?

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Doesn’t work, still requires ownCloud-, when installing version 2.8

I’m not a Windows expert. What are the detailed steps to reproduce, so I could try it in a Win VM?

  • Install old ownCloud desktop client
  • Delete stuff from c:\windows\installer? What exactly?
  • install latest *.MSI
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Yes, ur right sir, delete all from c:\windows\installer after installing old version and then you cant install new one cos windows whants old .msi file

Thanks. I’ll need to investigate.

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Here is no way to get the ownCloud- installer version to solve my problem?