New Background image, your call!

Hey guys,

we would like to change the background image for the 10.0.3 release.
The picture must have the right creative commons license and should be committed to core in github.

I have opened a ticket in core here:

I'll make the start and recommend

I would like to gather your suggestions and will start a poll in this thread.

Best John

My take :slight_smile:

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A modified version of


that one is really nice! THX

Credits go to TGriparis

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Credits go to Pixabay Source

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I have two proposals as I never liked the natural display of a cloud, especially the dark blue one.

  1. Abstract dark blue: An interesting structure that highlights the important area for the user. A powerful and dark blue base tone, but not gloomy.

  2. Retro stylish: A reticent background, professional and non distracting. Friendly, since it is not dark.

Proposal 2 is my favorite.

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I like this. It also represents the availability of my data when on the move.

...or especially when traveling to the U.S. to not bring my data with me on my laptop but to have them in my cloud...

Images are not loading..... mind uploading them again?

I have another clouds-from-above proposal, shot by myself:

Done. Maybe the images were too big and lost because of that. No idea...

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Pushing this up once again. Will build poll this week.

I prefer it plain and simple, the second proposal of @dragotin is my favourite so far, if you want an image, I'd chose the satellite from space.

while i like this photowe would need the right to use it, so i'll drop it from the poll.

I am sorry folks i couldn't find out how to actually insert the media in the poll

I have written consent from the artist to post the picture in the poll :slight_smile:
So if the poll is still running can you please post it ? Thanks!!

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@djgenesis done! Thank you!
When your image wins we would need you to do a pull request for the image :wink:.