New Feature: Endorse Password Protection




at the moment there are two possible configuration option
for shared links:

  • enforce password protection
  • do not enforce password protection

If you choose to not enforce password protection, the shared
link will be publically available until you set a password
for the shared link.

We have the requirement in our company that all shared links
will be password protected from the moment on the shared
link is created, but optionally it should be possible to remove
the password protection from the link. Having an explicitly
opt-out option should additionally increase the users
security awareness.

For this we have implemented another option which is somewhat
in between the existing two options:

  • endorse password protection

This works like "enforce password protection", but let the
user optionally remove the password protection after the
password is set.

Is this feature of interest for upstream inclusion?




yes it is! Please refer to GitHub: